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Our first introduction to the tree care industry came at a time when the industry was very young.

We recognized early on that supplying trees with the essential mineral elements was necessary to promote good tree health and that tree fertilization was an integral part of the professional tree care industry. Through the years between 1941 and the present, we have manufactured the leading brands of soluble fertilizers and kept ourselves current on tree nutrition and fertilization research. Not only do we strive for the optimum in formulating the finest product for the tree, but also to make the most suitable product for the tree health professional.

Our most recent line of professional tree fertilizers has set the standard for the industry. The leading tree care companies and horticultural institutions in the country turn to The Doggett Corporation when they are looking for the best in tree fertilizers.

To those of you who know us and use our products, we thank you. To those of you who are just learning about us for the first time, we welcome you and know that you will find that these tree fertilizers are the finest made.

doggett: a source of information

We have begun accumulating an extensive library on tree and shrub nutrition and fertilization. This consists of university and public sector research and reports. It will deal with every aspect, from nutritional requirements for specific species to timing and application of a variety of corrective measures. We act as a clearing house for information to the tree and shrub industry, and invite inquiries concerning anything on the subject.

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